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For the record, Big Brother fans, Ollie is his last name and Bryan is his first! Since there was already a Brian in the house, CBS didn’t want you to get confused! Wasn’t that nice? Now that we’ve got that cleared up, let’s talk to the 27-year-old marketing sales rep from Iowa about how Dan gave him the total shaft. (Also, click here to read my exit interview with last night‘s other ousted player, Michelle Costa.)

ENTERTAINMENT WEEKLY: So are you willing to admit you got played bigtime?
Bryan Ollie: Uh, I just let my heart get in the way of the game. That was a mistake on my part.

Now that you’ve had the night to think about it, how do you feel about Dan’s game play now?
I don’t feel any different than I felt before. Everyone does what they can to make an impact, but his decision could come back and backfire. I could come back to get him.

In retrospect, do you think you should have dangled on that rope a little longer during the HOH competition, or would you have trusted Dan all over again?
If I had to do it all over again, I would make the same deal [Editor’s note: What the ??!@@**!?!]. My back was against the wall. I had to do anything I could at that point to gain a little leverage, to turn things around in the game. Obviously, it didn’t work in my favor, but in the same situation, I’d do the same thing again [Editor’s note: See above].

What did you make of Dan’s shrewd decision to wear a hooded jacket to the competition?
I don’t think it was a coincidence that he’d show up in a winter coatin the middle of August in California. I don’t know if anyone elsewould think to bring something like that to California. I don’t thinkit was coincidence at all. It definitely played to his advantage.

Did you talk about it with other houseguests?
We talked about it during and after the competition. We were all alittle suspicious. It’s still a question I’d like to get answered.Meanwhile, I was basically half-naked with a sleeveless shirt.

There had to have been some doubt that you couldn’t trust Dan with this deal, right?
I couldn’t trust him as far as I could spit after what he did a coupleof weeks prior, giving everyone his word he’d send Memphis home andinstead sent Jessie. Giving people his word means nothing, especiallywhen he swears on his family, religion, and girlfriend. To bring thatkind of shame to his family…

After Michellewas put up for eviction at this week’s veto competition, you confrontedthe others about the deal you made with Dan. After telling them, didyou suspect they were in on it, too?
I really don’t think everyone was in on it. They may have known partsof it. Dan ran away the second I confronted him. His No. 1 objectivewas to disappear as fast as possible, and he acted like a coward. Ifyou pull off something like that, at least face me like a man.

Let’s talk about April. How is it possible that April would beyour first girlfriend? What have you been doing for the last 13 years?
I’ve been playing the field, that’s all, trying to find that perfectfit! She’s the perfect girl for me to hang up my cleats for.

You spent a lot of down time with her. Was it easy to forget that the cameras are rolling?
No doubt about it. That was the benefit of having April there. Most ofthe time we didn’t talk about the game. We just liked to get away andenjoy each other’s company. She made the days and weeks go by that muchfaster.

What’s the first thing you’ll say to her when you see her in the house?
I want to hear her answer to my question: Will she’ll be my girlfriend?

A 75-year-old retired Marine and a 53-year-old beauty worker have outlasted you. How does it feel?
I’m not bitter at all if I lose out to a 75-year-old or a 53-year-old.Those two, honestly, have done a good job. A lot of us younger peopletook them for granted, that they would slide in the game. I thinkthat’s part of the reason why they are still there. I hope one of thempulls through to the final two, or even becomes the champion of theseason. Memphis, Dan, and Keesha are taking it for granted that Rennyand Jerry will self destruct.

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