EW's TV scooper dishes on a possible ''Veronica Mars'' movie, Michelle Rodriguez's return to ''Lost,'' and more


Veronica Mars creator Rob Thomas still plans to bring his canceled heroine to the big screen, even if he’s busier than ever now that ABC gave his Cupid remake a series pickup this week. Though the writer/producer/director acknowledges that helming a new show ”certainly doesn’t speed up the VM movie possibility,” the project remains high on his to-do list. Recently, he even met with a game Kristen Bell to discuss the plot of a Mars 2.0, which, contrary to speculation, would likely find the teenage gumshoe battling crime in college rather than on the government’s payroll. ”The FBI scenario was more of a ‘What if…?’ aimed at getting us a fourth season [before the show was axed],” says Thomas. ”I would want to bring back our key players, and it would be tough to believe that the FBI stationed Veronica in Neptune.”

Casting About
This season, Desperate Housewives‘ Lynette will stare down her biggest threat yet: Mrs. Robinson. Producers are looking to move a new couple on to Wisteria Lane, and rumor has it the missus will promptly put the moves on one of Lynette’s rapidly aged twin terrors.

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Q: Do you have any scoop on the new season of 30 Rock? —Josh
A: Yep, and it’s Lemon-flavored. I hear that when Liz attends her 20-year high school reunion during November sweeps, we’ll learn something about Tina Fey’s morally superior character that’s both shocking and deeply ironic: Liz was a Mean Girl!

Q: Got any spoilers on Chuck? Please, I’m writing to you all the way from Spain! —Miguel
A: What a coincidence! I’m writing back to you all the way from my desk, which was made in…China. Um, never mind. Chuck boss Josh Schwartz tells me ”a major character dies” in the Sept. 29 season premiere. Don’t bet on it being Ryan McPartlin’s Captain Awesome: Morgan Fairchild and Bruce ”Scarecrow” Boxleitner have just been cast as his parents, who show up later in the season to help plan his wedding to Ellie.

Q: What else can you tell us about Michelle Rodriguez’s return to Lost? —Elana
A: Considering that neither M.Rod nor the show’s producers want to discuss Ana Lucia’s one-episode resurrection, not much! But the badass will reappear in this season’s second episode — the same one that marks the return of Cheech Marin as Hurley’s dad. This suggests to me that the hour is likely Hurley-centric and, given his encounter with Charlie’s ghost last season, his run-in this time with Ana Lucia will also be imaginary. How’s that for brilliant deduction? Anyone? Watson?

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