In my B+ review of Solange Knowles’ Sol-Angel and the Hadley St. Dreams in this Friday’s issue of EW, I selected the buoyant “Sandcastle Disco” as the disc’s standout track. With its jaunty lyrics and instantly memorable hook, the song deserves to be the kind of hit that will establish Solange as an artist in her own right, not just an asterisk on her famous sister Beyoncé’s Wikipedia page (or a brutally funny punchline on Dlisted). That’s why it pains me so that the accompanying video has turned out to be a mélange of disparate yet uniformly unfortunate ingredients. Listing the clip’s myriad defects all by myself seems too cruel, so I’ll just pick the one that I find most egregious: The “Solange’s Can I Sing Soup” label that pops up in the Warholian set piece about a third of the way into the video. I mean, bad enough that the imagery kind of conjures up a “will sing for canned goods” vibe, but the choice of a question (“can I sing”) over the affirmative (“I can sing!”) pretty much begs for a rousing chorus of “Nos!” from the haters’ gallery. Sigh.

Now it’s your turn: Pick your favorite flaw in the “Sandcastle Disco” video, and try to limit yourself to only one. To add to the challenge, be sure not to repeat any of your fellow PopWatchers’ choices. Fret not: There are plenty of visual heinoustries to go around!

Hell to the No!
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