To me, one of the great joys in life is picking up a trashy thriller at the airport and channeling any flight/travel anxiety into said book. During a recent vacation, and with only a few minutes left before boarding, I popped into the airport newsstand, where a big red sticker on the cover of a Brian Freeman’s Stalked caught my eye: “As good as MICHAEL CONNELLY or your money back,” it blared, and my mind was made up. So what if I’ve never actually read a book by Michael Connelly? I mean, dude’s name was in ALL CAPS, and hello, who doesn’t love a money-back guarantee? The good news is, Stalked did the trick: Moved along at a rapid pace, scared the tarmac out of me, and never once forced me to think deeply (an activity that’s strictly verboten during vacation travel).

This got me wondering: What was your most recent book impulse buy, what factors actually prompted you to part with your hard-earned cash, and most importantly, were you satisfied with your purchase? Spill the beans, PopWatchers!