Aggghhh! Zack Attack! Mark-Paul Gosselaar dropped by this morning to tell us all about his new series Raising the Bar (premiering Monday night), in which he’ll play a public defender with plenty of heart, hair. Mandi’s dutifully compiling a sure-to-be-amusing Mark-Paul Through the Years gallery that’ll post on Monday. Meanwhile, let’s talk about how his awesome TNT publicist (and PopWatch reader — hello again!) Susan brought a dozen obscenely oversized cupcakes for all of us aging Saved by the Bell superfans to graze on. This worked out perfectly, because I’m not allowed to eat obscenely oversized cupcakes unless a dreamy ’90s high school TV icon feeds them to me. What are the odds? Mandi would like to point out how EW’s various awards for “excellence” appropriately serve as a backdrop for photos of two loons eating cupcakes.

Yesterday, Zack’s impending Attack had a bunch of us attempting to out-Saved by the Bell trivia each other in the hallway. Tim Stack absolutely won, nonchalantly name-dropping the duck killed by the oil spill near Bayside’s football field in an emotionally charged impression of Zack Morris cradling said duck: “Don’t worry, Becky. You’re where the oil can’t hurt you now.”

Dear lord. What’s the weirdest thing you remember from SBTB?