Mad Men, Jon Hamm

You guys! I’m beginning to suspect that the Twitter feeds for some of the Mad Men characters aren’t real. Liiiiiiike, Don Draper would never alert anyone he was “Running late to the Friday morning account review meeting” — because it’s his latest secretary’s job to manage people’s expectations of him, for him. Duh. And Peggy Olsen would never repeat a word, especially the word “like” (“I’m back. And I feel like like the new girl at Sterling Cooper.”) I mean why would a junior copywriter not bother to copy-edit her own tweets? I don’t know. Something is fishy. I just don’t think they’re really the ones writing these. And we all remember Joan saying an iPhone really doesn’t match any of her outfits. What is going on?!

Ha. Or not. To sum up, AMC’s hot-and-cold mismanagement of the Mad Men Twitter accounts (they temporarily shut them down, then said fine, do our marketing job for us) brilliantly mirrors the way Sterling Cooper handles its own clients. They’re well intentioned, but painfully behind the curve of modern media. It’s perfect.

Well played, bored AMC exec who’s about to type “Who wears short shorts? I wear short shorts!” into the Pete Campbell account he’s running out of a minimized browser window. Well played.

Oh, and you can call me Bobbie from now on.