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Here’s the latest report on the Democratic National Convention from our guest blogger, TV writer-producer Daniel Palladino. For more Denver dispatches from Dan and Amy Sherman-Palladino, click here.

Random Thoughts While Strolling Down Denver’s Outdoor 16th Street Mall For The 37th Time…

• There are too many lobbyists. They should be culled once a year as they do coyotes and hedgehogs. (Series idea — Reality Department: Lobbyist Island. Each week, one lobbyist is culled in increasingly embarrassing and violent ways. Get Senator Patrick Leahy to host. The man was in The Dark Knight [see photo]; he’ll do anything.)

Hillary Clinton’s speech was good and she delivered it convincingly. She died inside only nine times. I counted.

• “What About Brian: The Complete Series” is available on DVD. Buy it now or wait for Blu-Ray?

Bill Clinton’s speech was great, and he delivered it with vigor. He’s died inside so many times these past 12 months that his insides were completely dead.

• Anyone wanting to overturn Roe v. Wade should be forced to adopt an unwanted/unloved child and raise that child to adulthood.

• Where are the hookers? I’m not seeing any. This is a politicalconvention, there’s got to be hookers here. Did they put them all inone tent on the grounds of the Pepsi Center like they did the bloggers?(Series idea: a nerdy Internet blogger falls head over heels for asweet-natured hooker. It’s a sexy/awkward new take on Mad About You.)

• The names “Obama” and “Biden” form an almost perfect anagram ofOsama bin Laden. Simple solution: Obama should change his name to Smithor Williams. He’s always going on and on about changing things, so thisshould be no problem.

• Buy the DVD set now (stop delaying gratification!!!!)

The Dark Knight
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