Shouts out to my boy Harold, who seems to have used his Purple Crayon to direct Common’s video for his new single “Announcement” (below)! J/k, it was actually directed by the talented Lil’ X. But the clip’s a lot of fun anyway. In addition to the whole 2-D look, I’m particularly enjoying the sidelong triple-take entrance of Pharrell, who produced “Announcement,” at roughly 1:25-1:31. And the song’s a winner for sure. There’s a cool new laid-back party vibe emerging for Com’s new album, next month’s Invincible Autumn Summer… though it’s always possible that “Announcement” would sound different if I weren’t bumping it on the very same super-headphones that the dude in the video is rocking at the beginning. You’ll just have to tell me: Does this video look and sound as great to all of you?