I suppose the best thing you can say about Secret Life is that just when you’re ready to trade it in for Greek, or go on a teenybopper TV strike until Gossip Girl returns (Sept. 1, for those of you who are counting the days), it wins you back with a juicy episode full of plot twists and — gasp! — actual character development. Thankfully, it seems the show’s central teenagers are as bored as we are of talking about Amy’s pregnancy — come on, Brenda Hampton, that story arc is so last year, and your writers aren’t exactly Diablo Codys — which allowed several supporting characters to go forth and steal the spotlight. (Yay!)

On last week‘s message board, PopWatcher Julie and her daughter came up with the titillating theory that perhaps Adrian’s estranged father was none other than Mr. Juergens. That didn’t turn out to be the case, but a great idea nonetheless, ladies! Adrian (Francia Raisa, pictured) took Grace along for a good old-fashioned stalking stakeout in front of her father’s house, only to have him come out and tell her to leave after realizing who she was. Raisa, who emotes as believably as anyone in the Secret Life cast, was definitely the episode’s MVP, but here’s hoping her character gets a new love interest soon, considering Ricky’s dastardly behavior this week.

Indeed, the dirty drummer boy stooped to new lows — and perhaps confirmed suspicions that he is simply a bad dude — by opting for Amy’s friend Lauren after he couldn’t geteither Grace or Adrian on the phone. Too bad for the smooching duo that they got busted by Madison, which means it’s only a matter of time till news of their indiscretions hits the high-school hallways.

Of course, it wasn’t only the teenagers creating drama, especially in the Juergens’ household. Ashley and Amywent for the first time to see their father’s new digs, which actuallybelong to Adrian’s mother, and also discovered dad’s been sleepingin the furniture store, and that his mysterious money troubleshave resurfaced. Let’s hope we’ll get more info on the latter in upcoming episodes;I could use another excuse to hate Mr. Juergens. Ben and his friendHenry tagged along, and Ashley entered the drama club by hooking up with the recently broken-up-with Henry.

And why not? The entire episode was rampant with wife/boyfriend/friend swapping.Aside from Adrian stealing Grace as a friend, and Lauren and Ricky canoodling, Mrs. Juergens wasspotted sharing pizza, wine, and, um, some sausage with the Sausage Kinghimself. Okay, sure, Ben’s father merely stopped by to talk with Amy’s mother about theirchildren’s romantic future, but there seemed to be a definiteconnection between the two single parents. Are you guys seeing what I’mseeing — awkward step-incest for Amy and Ben!

Our last episode before the break is next week, and I’m wondering what cliffhangersare in store for us. Will Amy put the baby up for adoption? Willshe agree to be “In a Relationship With” Ben on Facebook? Whose V-cardwill Ricky be collecting? Will Mr. and Mrs. Juergens share apassionate night in the window of the furniture store? We’ll find out soon enough!

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