Question: Do you have any new Lois-Clark Smallville scoop? — Trish

Ausiello: At some point within the first seven episodes, one of them will

confess their love for the other. (Hint: The one doing the confessing

is not pictured to the left.) Also within that time frame: Jimmy will ****** *** Clark’s ******.

Question: Any Gossip gossip? — Lucy

Ausiello: Team Schwavage is getting ready to introduce a new lust

interest for Serena, and I hear he’s loosely based on some dude named

Aaron Rose from the Gossip Girl books. Don’t read? Me neither! Thank

God for Wikipedia, which describes Aaron as the “herb cigarette-smoking

and vegan step-brother of Blair Waldorf and son of Cyrus Rose. He

drives a red Saab, and had an un-requited crush on his stepsister,

Blair. Later on he dated both Serena and Vanessa, and was accepted to

Harvard University.”

Question: Please give me some good news regarding Cameron and House. — Tammy
Not exactly sure if this qualifies as good, but Cameron starts spending a lot of time at Wilson’s pad in the first two episodes. Officially, she’s sprinkling some of her special widow fairy dust on his Amber-grieving soul. Unofficially, I’m guessing they had to…well…um…Once again Wikipedia comes through in a pinch!

Question: Just three weeks until House returns! Give us something! — Kristina
Call me crazy, but I was getting a serious Damages vibe after watching the Sept. 16 season premiere.

Question: Huh? Fox’sofficial House site lists Thirteen’s real name as Rena Hadley. I thought her real name was Remy? — Polly
It was! It is! A House rep tells me someone goofed and listed her name as Rena on the site. It should be fixed by the time you read this.

Question: Are you seriously returning to Scrubs as Dr. Kim’s baby doc? — Kevin
Bill Lawrence ultimately caved in to my demands, so, yes, I can confirm that I will be reprising my breakthrough role as Dr. Hottiemchotterson in the season (and possible series) finale. In related news, take a look at the tripped-out crib I just put an offer on!

Question: Got any spoilers on Chuck? Please, I’m writing to you all the way from Spain! — Miguel
Anyone know how you say “Simma down now” in Spanish? Anyhoo, Chuck boss Josh Schwartz reveals in this week’s episode of Ausiello TV that “a major character dies” in the Sept. 29 season premiere. To find out what else Schwartz has to say, click here and watch the damn thing.

Question: Is there anything you can spill about the second season of Burn Notice? — Meredith
Nothing major. Just a little thing called a freakin’ 4400 reunion! Scott Peters (a.k.a. The 4400‘s creator) is directing this season’s 12th episode, which features a guest turn by none other than The 4400‘s No. 1 stud, Joel Gretsch. That’s the good news. The bad news is it’ll be a while before anyone sees the episode. You see, Burn Notice is doing that annoying cable thing and splitting its current 16-episode second season into two mini-seasons. season 2.A wraps with episode 9 on Sept. 18, and season 2.B picks up with episode 10 in early January. That puts episode 12 on the air around February…just in time for my birthday!

Question: If you want to keep your title as spoiler king, you need to hit us with some major Reaper scoop. — Jeff
This just in — major Reaper scoop! Armie Hammer (no relation to the baking soda) is joining the cast as Morgan, Sam’s half bro. Although it would seem he’s only concerned with spending time at the hottest clubs and dating supermodels, Morgan is secretly jealous of Sam, and has a darker agenda which will prove to be dangerous to Sam and the gang. Do I get to keep my title?

Question: Anything and everything on CSI: NY would be greatly appreciated. — Lilly B
If it’s true that imitation is the sincerest form of flattery, then Alan Ball is going to be doing cartwheels when he hears this: CSI‘s Big Apple offshoot is looking for an actress to play a “Claire Fisher” type for a three-episode arc.

Question: Is the mystery character returning to Dunder Mifflin someone who had been previously fired? Perhaps a certain pregnant woman looking for a job? — Liz
Perhaps. Perhaps not. (Translation: You’re getting warmer.)

Question: Your Veronica Mars movie post is nearing 1,500 comments. That’s good, right? — Claire
It certainly doesn’t suck. You know what else doesn’t suck? My follow-up story in this week’s issue of EW (on sale Friday), in which Rob Thomas spills exclusive details about Veronica’s big-screen adventure. Hint: The FBI premise? So 15 months ago. Oh, and speaking of the new EW, I squealed like a 13-year-old girl when I saw the cover. Fifty bucks says you will, too.

Question: Anything on Lost that you haven’t been telling us? — Brenda
Yep. Tons.

Question: What will change Dexter‘s life forever at the end of the first episode of the new season? — Claire
The answer to this question can be summed up in two little words, neither of which I’ll be revealing here.

Question: Do you have any word on what the big love story is that Shonda Rhimes has planned for Izzie this season on Grey’s? — Jaime
I’m inclined to agree with most Ausholes on this one: Bee-yotch wants her baby back, baby back, baby back.

Question: I haven’t seen a Heroes scoop in quite a while. Can you make like future Hiro and give us a small morsel? — Liz
It’s official: Seth Green and Breckin Meyer will be geeking out for an episode or two (or three?) later this fall. Their deals closed last week.

Question: Any news on Pushing Daisies? — Chris
Dirt‘s Danny Comden has just been cast in what my ABC spy is calling a “fun, cool” part. My response? Find me a Daisies role that isn’t!

Question: Since you’ve got the inside track, any reviews or early scoops on the HBO series True Blood? — Michael
I still haven’t gotten around to watching it yet. Well, that’s not entirely true. I accidentally popped in the DVD for episode 5 thinking it was the season premiere of Entourage. My first reaction? Johnny Drama must have spent the hiatus getting cast in some really awful direct-to-DVD vampire flick. I kid you not.

Question: I was wondering if you knew anything about the renewal status of my favorite show, ABC Family’s The Middleman. I hear the ratings aren’t great. — Julie
You heard right. As a result, it appears Middleman is on the verge of going on a permanent hiatus. Interesting factoid: I hear a lot of industry folks are really into the show and its leading lady, Natalie Morales. The feeling is she’s going to be what’s known as a huge-ass star.

Question: I, for one, am psyched that Michelle Rodriguez is returning to Lost. But my question pertains to your scoop last week about the casting of Darlene and Jill, or Doc Jensen’s theoretical analysis of your scoop. Was he suggesting what I think he was suggesting? — Dawn
I don’t know what you think he was suggesting. But I think he was suggesting that that the left-behinders got tossed back in time when Ben cranked the donkey wheel, and we’re about to get a glimpse of the early Dharma days!

In this new occasional feature-within-AA, I’ll be sharing with you some of the reader questions that, for reasons pertaining to personal security, laziness, minimal interest and/or a general lack of comprehension, I just didn’t feel like answering. Don’t make the same mistakes as these guys!

Question: When will TBS air the re-do of Match Game? — Paige

Question: Has any single entertainer ever won a Tony, an Emmy, a Grammy and an Oscar? — Monty

Question: Are you still based in New York or have you moved out to L.A.? — Electra

Question: How about giving us loyal Ausholes a list of fall premiere dates? — Duane

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