Yesterday, when Annie asked you what action figure you’re dying for, some of you mentioned Charlie as Green Man from FX’s It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia. (Enjoy a clip after the jump.) Well, we can’t give you that, but we can tell you how you can take home another piece of Sunny: An official Dumpster Baby Trophy (pictured).

It seems DB, the baby the gang found outside Paddy’s in Season 3 and tried to make a child star (see clip below), is the grand prize for each stop of the “SUNNY Game Show Tour,” a trivia contest hitting 10 markets in preparation for the series’ fourth season premiere (Sept. 18, 10 p.m. ET). Remaining dates include:

Aug. 28: Cal State Fullerton University
Aug. 29: San Diego State University
Sept. 2: Arizona State University
Sept. 5: Kent State: Black Squirrel Festival
Sept. 6: Guinness Oyster Festival: Chicago, IL
Sept. 12: University of Pennsylvania: No Place Like Penn
Sept. 14: Adam’s Morgan Day Festival: Washington, D.C.
Sept. 18: Hofstra University

For more info, or to play the online version of the game, visit this site.