Michelle Obama
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Here’s the latest report on the Democratic National Convention from our guest blogger, Gilmore Girls creator Amy Sherman-Palladino. For more Denver dispatches from Amy and Daniel Palladino, click here.

So, I’m not sure many people know this about me, but I am a chick. A female, a woman, there’s parts on me no man possesses (at least not without some really good health insurance, which you won’t get with John McCain, so, confused-gendered man holding the “Hillary” sign outside of MSNBC yesterday, be warned). And like other chicks, I am concerned about women’s issues. Roe v. Wade (which John McCain has vowed to overturn, you crazy PUMA broads, read a paper!), equal pay, global warming (’cause polar bear cubs are cute and chicks love cute. If ponies were in trouble, a gang of six-year-old Brownies would be kicking John McCain in the nuts right now). Women have to work twice as hard to get half as much. Women have to keep the human race going (in heels, by the way). Women have to put up with “chick lit,” which is code for crappy books. (I’m sorry, why is there a separate section for “chick lit”? We can’t read something from the grown-up shelves? They think, just ’cause it’s summer, women all across the world suddenly lose a chromosome? They lose focus and can’t put big words together unless there’s a picture of a pink shopping bag on the cover?) Women are constantly underestimated. They are ignored, brushed aside. Presidential candidates tell heinous misogynistic jokes about them to reporters on the campaign bus. Women have to prove every day that they are good enough, smart enough, tough enough, etc.

So, with all these weighty thoughts rolling around in my head, I waited with anticipation to hear Michelle Obama’s speech. What would she say to women of the world? What kind of role model would she provide for America’s daughters watching at home? How will she represent the working modern woman in a non-threatening and yet powerful way?

The lights went down. The introductory film started. And there it was. “Michelle Obama was born on January 17, 1964.” Oh my God! Michelle Obama and I have the same birthday! I mean, I’m two years younger (I can prove it) but January 17th? Totally the same day! We could be best friends! We could go shopping and talk about Bananarama. We could ride ponies while petting a polar bear cub! I mean, I thought Kennedy showing up was good but this? Yes we can! Yes we can!

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