Chuck‘s casting gurus are firing on all cylinders this season!

As I previously reported, the NBC spymedy (new word, thoughts?) will feature guest star Jordana Brewster in a multi-episode arc as Chuck’s college girlfriend Jill, while Nicole Richie will pop up in an October ep as a gun-toting former Mean Girl/classmate of Chuck’s CIA gal pal, Sarah Walker (Yvonne Strahovski). Now, sources confirm to me exclusively that Morgan Fairchild and Bruce “Scarecrow” Boxleitner have just been cast as the parents of Ryan McPartlin’s Captain Awesome.

Fairchild, recently seen — by a few people, anyway — bitch-slapping Bo Derek on MyNetworkTV’s Fashion House, will play Dr. Honey Woodcombe. She arrives in time to take over help plan her son’s wedding to Chuck’s sister, Ellie (Sarah Lancaster). Boxleitner will be her awesomely named husband, Dr. Woody Woodcombe, who is said to be very excited to help welcome Ellie into his family — maybe too excited. (Gross. I love it!)

Meanwhile, I spy yet another AliasChuck connection: Carl Lumbly, aka Alias‘ Marcus Dixon, will appear this fall as “sensei” to NSA agent Casey (Adam Baldwin). As you’ll recall, Kevin Weisman (Alias’ gizmo geek Marshall) played a gymnastically gifted terrorist on Chuck last season.

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You’re next, Jennifer Garner! Oh, wait, she’s busy making movies and babies…

Help me out here — who’s next?! (Additional reporting/writing by Mandi Bierly)