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Okay, even if this action figure wasn’t Duff from the Food Network’s porn-like series Ace of Cakes, I’d still want it on my desk. Maybe I just want cake. Whatever. The point is, I’m loving how virtually anything on TV warrants a toy at this point. We expect there to be action figures for action-driving characters from action-based shows, but suddenly there’s one for Shannon from Lost. Her toy is sunbathing. And her character is dead. I could not love anything more. So here’s your fake assignment: Think of a random TV icon whose action figure you’d die for, “Google it up” as my mother would say, and if it really doesn’t exist, put it on an imaginary wish list. I’ll start it off:

*Lucille Bluth, preferably wielding a cupcake (Arrested Development)
*“Comedy”-writing manatee (South Park)
*Grow house on fire (Weeds)
*“Special Agent Seeley Booth, with his ‘cocky’ belt buckle and festive socks!”–as uttered by Mandi, while she literally wiggled her feet. (Bones, this one deemed unacceptable due to lack of accessories)
*Mandi Bierly wiggling her feet (EW.com)

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