Credit: Frank Micelotta/Getty Images

Pink still rocks. While (mostly) lacking the painfully funny anti-starlet satire of “Stupid Girls,” the new video for her single “So What” takes another well-deserved jab at Jessica Simpson (a waiter gives Pink’s table to Jess). But she’s not only taking on other celebs: This time she’s making fun of her own split with Motocross legend Carey Hart, or at least the break-up histrionics the tabloids demand. In fits of post-conjugal madness, Pink rides a lawnmower down a freeway, cuts down a tree with “Alecia + Carey” carved into it (Alecia is Pink’s real name), dances nude on a red carpet to Jacko’s Thriller choreography (I can’t believe nobody’s done this for real…yet), and finally throws herself into an apocalyptic pillow fight. Hart’s subdued appearance suggests that he and the punk diva are handling their real-life split with more grace than Pink’s video alter ego would suggest. Pink is that most rare of Hollywood gems: a pop star with self-awareness!

What do you think of the single? And are you psyched for Pink’s return?

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