I’m loving this rumor that the next Batman sequel will feature a Catwoman played by Cher. According to this dubious, thinly sourced Telegraph article, franchise director Christopher Nolan wants the 62-year-old Oscar-winner to play the feline femme fatale “like a vamp in her twilight years.” (Hey, nobody better tell Cher or her fans that she’s a vamp in her twilight years.) Truth is, there’ve been no announcements about the next Bat-film, including even whether Nolan and star Christian Bale are coming back, much less who the villains will be or who’ll play them. (Slashfilm has a good, accurate timeline on the latest news, meager as it is, about the forthcoming sequel.) Still, why shouldn’t the filmmakers look as far afield as, say, Cher to play Catwoman? (Don’t dismiss her because of her age; she’s indestructible!) Or Johnny Depp to play the Riddler (as the Telegraph article also claims)? Heath Ledger wouldn’t have been my first pick to play the Joker, but that eccentric bit of casting certainly worked out. Who would you like to see in the next Batman adventure, PopWatchers, and playing which character?

addCredit(“Cher: Valerie Macon/AFP/Getty Images”)

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