Join me in a splashy round of Paula Abdul seal claps to congratulate OSOTD Matthew Mitcham, who single-handedly thwarted China’s much-publicized chance at a diving sweep! Running on a precise power hybrid of solid, focused dives and OVERWHELMING ADORABLENESS, the 20-year-old Aussie struck gold in the men’s 10-meter platform finals, tossing goofy “looks like I’m actually in the running, mate!” mugs to the camera all the way. Mitcham, a former world double mini trampoline champion at 15, is the first Australian to declare his homosexuality before going to the Olympics. Cheers queers!

Other studly beasts from Saturday’s telecast: Sanya Richards made up for a disappointing solo race to anchor the U.S. women’s gold-medal 4×400 relay — and the U.S. men won, too, setting a new Olympic record. U.S. Women’s Basketball trounced Australia in a gold-medal game made most memorable by the Australians’ unforgiveable spandex uniforms. Canadian rower and extremely hot man Adam van Koeverden won silver in the K-1 500, after a crushing eighth-place finish in Friday’s 1000 that had him profusely apologizing to viewers (“I was a spectator,” he said). Oh, and speaking of sitting on your ass in total disbelief, I watched synchronized swimmers and rhythmic gymnasts for hours — a fun quatra-annual Saturday tradition involving my utter shock that a select group of physiologically advanced humans actually can and do…do that. You know? Why? How? Wow.

I now feel compelled to create an evidential collage of Matthew Mitcham’s cuteness — not our standard operating procedure, but what the hell, it’s the weekend and here I am.

Well, that was fun and time-consuming. Co-endorse Mitcham, or nominate your own Olympic Stud of the Day, below!