Now officially the World’s Greatest Athlete, Olympic decathlon winner Bryan Clay is also a serious Stud, as you can see by the normal, ripple-tastic press photo we received via email (left) and a gratuitous shot “from behind” (right…oh, so very right) which NBC decided to bestow upon us during the “Bryan Clay At Home” package, so to speak. It kind of looks like he’s climbing out of a pool, but Clay is actually holding a javelin there. (Like the World’s Greatest Athlete would bother to use the ladder.)

Other studs included Steve Hooker, who picked up Australia’s first Beijing track and field gold in the pole vault and is the proud owner of this hair, and the Jamaican sprinters, who set a new world record by three-tenths of a second (HUGE!) in the 4×100-meter relay. Oh and I have to ask: Is anyone buyin’ what those McDonald’s “Chicken for Breakfast” commercials are sellin’? Because…I might.

Nominate your own Friday, Aug. 22nd Stud of the Day below — keeping in mind that we’ll (SPOILER ALERT) obviously mention Matthew Mitcham, women’s basketball, rowing, and anything else that’ll be televised today…tomorrow.