What could possibly be better than stalking George Clooney’s dinner party? How about getting in a fender bender with the dreamy actor that culminates in him buying you a brand new set of wheels? It’s not just my restless Friday fantasy. Recently while in Italy, the Oceans star rear-ended a woman’s car, but instead of calling Geico, Clooney shelled out $28,000 to buy her a brand new one! I was pretty jealous until I actually saw a Lancia Ypsilon. I think a few fleeting moments exchanging insurance information and accepting his tender, heartfelt, near-tears apologies, would be worth more to me than this tin can on wheels.

(BTW, am I the only one who’s a little worried about Clooney’s aptitude behind the wheel? It was less than a year ago that he and then-girlfriend Sarah Larson were involved in a gnarly motorcycle accident. If you need some driving lessons, George, you know who to call. Wink. Wink.)

addCredit(“George Clooney; Nathan Strange/AP”)