This is shameless, I know. And I’m no stranger to shameless: One time, in D&D camp, I put 15 dodecahedrons in my, er, “pants of holding” to see how many natural 20s I could roll with…but I digress.

I wrote a comic book and I need your help. Once a year, Top Cow — the dudes who published Wanted (which got made into a movie with famous people in it) — launch a program called Pilot Season. They publish six one-shots, each from a different team about a different subject, in the beginning of the summer. Then, American Idol-style, people can vote online for the comic book they liked the most. The two books with the most votes go on to become full-blown comic series.

And here’s where I need your assistance. I wrote a book called Genius. The pitch is thus: “What if the greatest military mind of our generation was born an angry 17-year-old girl in South Central L.A.? And what if she decided to secede a few blocks of her ‘hood…through force?” And my team and I really want to win. This isn’t the kind of comic that usually hits the marketplace. It doesn’t feature flights or tights, isn’t a part of a massive crossover event; it’s a real-world story about real people who are desperate enough to take drastic, ill-advised action.

The reviews have been great, but I need y’all to head over to and vote. Just one click could make the difference. (You can vote once a day, if’n you’re so inclined.) Here are the first five pages. Take a look. If you like what you see, come on out and vote. Don’t cost nuthin’.