Olympics Summer 2008
Credit: Clive Brunskill/Getty Images

I accepted my duties as Olympic Stud Finder with the promise that I was going to be professional and choose someone based strictly on talent, without letting muscles cloud my judgment. But then the men’s 200m came on. And who wasn’t seduced by the line of fast fellas?

Taking my vote for hunkiest of the lot is the American runner Walter Dix, who placed fifth, but was moved up to third after the two runners in second and third places were disqualified. There was something about Dix that caught my eye from the beginning. Maybe it was his sexy shades and his cool ‘do, or the fact that the announcer kept calling him a “gamer,” but he was no Usain Bolt — the event’s record-breaking gold medalist andreigning showboat. He handled the bronze medal news with grace and good sportsmanship, giving a glum smile and saying “I still lost,” to his manager. Well, we have a first place finish for you, Walt, and your pickup line, “I’m not the world’s fastest man,” sounds way better than Bolt’s.

My silver and bronze medals for yesterday’s games go to the ladies. You couldn’t help but feel that ol’ red, white, and blue spirit when Misty May and Kerri Walsh won the gold in women’s volleyball. At 5’2″, I’m already jealous of these leggy glamazons, but playing in a torrential downpour? In white bikinis? They pulled it off with out looking like runner-ups in a wet t-shirt contest.

I had to give Haley Ishimatsu a mention and a big ol’ virtual hug! My heart broke while watching her try oh-so-hard to keep her composure after not making the women’s 10M diving finals. Her sniffles turned into the kind of awkward public sobbing and choking that only happens at the worst times — like when you’re being interviewed about the most gigantic loss you’ve ever suffered…

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