Check out the new batch of exclusive casting intel that just crossed my desk!

• The Enemy has a face, and it looks a lot like that elderly dude from Babe. James Cromwell is joining the cast of NBC’s new fall drama My Own Worst Enemy as the head of the top-secret government organization that’s messing with Christian Slater.

• My sixth mole sense is telling me that Emmy winner Blythe Danner will guest star in an early ’09 episode of Medium as the mother of a nurse whose dedication to a chronically ill child leads her to take extraordinary measures to ensure her health and happiness.

• Someone alert the fire marshal, ’cause I think Lost‘s fifth season premiere is rapidly approaching capacity. Team Darlton is adding two more guest stars to 5.01. First there’s Darlene, a bored clerk who hates her lame-ass job and looks for any burst of excitement to get through her day. She’ll be joined by Jill, a highly confident and tough-as-nails butcher. What’s up, Doc Jensen? “Dude, Darlene sounds like ‘Dharma Initiative recruit circa hippie-era seventies’ to me. And Jill could be the lunch counter lady that serves the good-for-you organic slop in the Dharma mess hall.” Um, no offense Doc, but that much was obvious.

• Speaking of Lost, Burn Notice is currently shooting an episode to air early next year that features M.C. Gainey (Mr. Friendly) in a sure-to-be-sinister role.

• And last but by no means least, sources confirm that EW’s Michael Ausiello is in final negotiations with Scrubs to reprise his role as Dr. Kim’s strikingly handsome baby-doc in Zach Braff’s final episode, which starts shooting in early September. Says Ausiello in a statement: “While that would certainly be a tremendous coup for the show, far be it from me to spoil any of the surprises the episode has in store. Viewers will just have to wait and see.” We’ll take that as a yes!