Michael Scott, The Office (Steve Carell)

Rainn Wilson (second from right) hopes you’re sufficiently intrigued (read: freaked out) by his attempt to hold Jenna Fischer hostage in the trunk of his car — enough to go out tonight and see his new movie, The Rocker (check out Owen Gleiberman’s review, here). The Rocker‘s just the latest in a string of Wednesday releases (Pineapple Express, Traveling Pants 2, Tropic Thunder) in August. I’ve become vaguely aware of this trend, but never seem to actually pick up on it until the Friday after the film’s early release. I suddenly feel more out of it than James Franco attempting to carry two giant slushies and a bevy of snacks — something I believe I witnessed solo at a Monday-at-midnight showing at the Quarry 14 cinemas in Hodgkins, Illinois. (Let’s hear it for flying home for a week-long vacation only to realize your friends won’t do anything fun with you because they have in-state jobs!) Anyway, do you guys go to movies on Wednesdays now? Is Wednesday the new Friday? Is ash the new black? I have to know.

And who’s excited for The Rocker? I’d personally rather marathon through all 22 of the classic rock ‘n’ roll movies featured in today’s gallery, but that’s just me. Is your jam pumped up? (Sorry.)

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Michael Scott, The Office (Steve Carell)
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