The Longshots, Ice Cube
Credit: Tracy Bennett

With Tropic Thunder rolling into theaters, all was calm after the storm at EW’s Box Office Challenge. Some 60 percent of you guessed correctly that the Ben Stiller war movie spoof would knock The Dark Knight off its Bat-perch to top the chart, which it did with just $25 million for the weekend. Still, the top 10 also saw Pineapple Express fallto fifth place and and Journey to the Center of the Earth drop off the list altogether. Only two players perfectly predicted the final order, so congrats to lisawg22 and clcg68!

This weekend should offer a challenge more worthy of the game’s name, with several wide releases, including Jason Statham’s actioner Death Race, Anna Faris’ comedy The House Bunny, and Ice Cube’s kids’ flick The Longshots (pictured). Is it Statham’s race to win? Is Cube’s movie aptly titled? Test your mettle in the Box Office Challenge and find out.

addCredit(“Ice Cube in ‘The Longshots’; Tracy Bennett”)