The gaming blog Kotaku has pointed to a ridiculous, TRUE story about a high school kid (pictured — not!) whose parents were so sick of his ragging about not having ample free time to focus on Guitar Hero that they’re letting him not attend high school anymore. The dude thinks he can make a career of playing the highly addictive game “professionally.” From now on, he’ll be home-schooled, presumably in hard-hitting academic subjects such as Faster Fingers, Long-Term Ocular Degeneration, and Becoming A Bigger Moron.

Fine, that’s a little harsh. I’m just jealous! I wish I’d thought of this in my day. I could’ve won tons of cash at the hypothetical How Many Apples Can Your Yoshi Eat? competitions in my head. What about you: What’s the mindless pop-culture career of your dreams? The pixelated sky’s the limit. Apparently.

Hell to the No!
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