Nothing cures those Monday blues like a fresh batch of piping hot, mouthwatering casting scoops. Dig in!

• J.D.’s baby mama (a.k.a. Elizabeth Banks) is heading back to Scrubs for a two-episode arc — and no, her trusty obstetrician will not be by her side (two words: contract dispute). Fellow Scrubs alum Scott Foley is also returning as Sarah Chalke’s ex for one episode.
• Don’t judge me, but I’m about to write about Rules of Engagement again. Sorry, but I’ve got to follow the news wherever it takes me! Orlando Jones is joining the CBS “comedy” in the recurring role of Brad, a new friend/neighbor of Patrick Warburton’s Jeff.
• Look up “comedy dream team” on Wikipedia and I’m fairly certain you’ll find a two-shot of Fred Willard and Reno 911!‘s Kerri Kenney. At the very least you’ll find the pair in a November episode of Pushing Daisies that revolves around the murder of a famous illusionist named the Great Hermann (Willard). Kenney plays his lovely assistant, Alexandria.
Lipstick Jungle is looking for the most attractive middle-aged woman on the planet to play mom to Robert Buckley’s Kirby. That pretty much narrows it down to either Michelle Pfeiffer or, um…Michelle Pfeiffer.