Olympics Summer 2008
Credit: Stu Forster/Getty Images

There’s no better pick-up line than “Hey baby, you ever been with the World’s Fastest Man?” After breezing past the competition in yesterday’s 100M final, gold medal finisher Usain Bolt of Jamaica has earned the right to use that line. The 21-year-old “Lightning” Bolt was already the world record holder in the event when he smashed it again in a record 9.69 seconds.

Back in college, a friend and I coined the term “dutch section” for any group of hotties that were together in one space. Beijing’s Bird’s Nest was clearly the dutch section of the Olympics. Bolt, who is himself more than six feet of lean muscle, beat out other studly contenders Walter Dix of the US, top collegiate sprinter Richard Thompson of Trinidad and Tobago, and former world record holder Asafa Powell, also of Jamaica.

Bolt’s jubilant victory lap and triumphant wave of the Jamaican flag has edged out Cool Runnings as the best Olympics-related moment for the country.

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