We rate this season's music videos from Coldplay, Danity Kane, Lil Wayne, and more

By Leah Greenblatt
Updated August 15, 2008 at 04:00 AM EDT

Summer music video review

Don’t have $10 to sit in an air-conditioned multiplex — or the $4 in gas it takes to get there these days? Then log on to your preferred participating website (MTV.com, AOLmusic, YouTube, etc.) to catch these latest, often highly cinematic (if not all strictly awesome) music videos. And don’t forget to cool off using the dollar-bill cash fan you’ve made with your savings!

LIL WAYNE, ”A Milli” (uncensored)
The Concept In a single docu-style take, the rap superstar hangs with his posse, poses with fans, receives strategic cologne spritzes from a personal groomer/perfumer, and generally enjoys his Wayne-ness. The Execution Low-tech but gratifyingly intimate. B+

CHROMEO, ”Momma’s Boy”
The Concept Cheeky electronic duo gets rotoscoped (i.e., lines traced over actual film), — à A-Ha’s ”Take On Me” and Richard Linklater’s Waking Life — but in spare black and white. The Execution Without the roto, it would probably be pretty typical; luckily, the animation makes it cute — and softens the Oedipus-complex subject matter. B+

COLDPLAY, ”Viva La Vida”
The Concept Band trapped inside a Renaissance painting. Also, lots of speeding clouds and expansive arm gestures from singer Chris Martin. The Execution This is beautifully shot in saturated colors by legendary hip-hop auteur Hype Williams, but it’s also kind of pretentious — and a little underwhelming for such a powerful song. C+

The Concept Flashdance meets Million Dollar Baby — boxing-ring face-offs and locker-room dance shenanigans. The Execution Decent, if a little generic. More fascinating than the love-gone-wrong bits are Hilson’s dramatic hairdo switches and flawless sweat sheen. B

KERLI, ”Walking on Air”
The Concept Estonian pop star loves Tim Burton, Grimm’s fairy tales, tutus. Observe as she sleeps on a bed of stones, cries crystal tears, and communes with creepy old-man spirits in the mirror. Goth bonanza! The Execution At first sort of cheesy and silly. Until you find yourself watching it for the 47th time, completely rapt. A-

VAMPIRE WEEKEND, ”Cape Cod Kwassa Kwassa”
The Concept Indie rockers borrow Pretty in Pink‘s plotline (collar-popped preppy + quirky outsider = true luv 4ever!), with a touch of Thriller transformation. The Execution Entertaining as a low-budget tribute to ’80s film — but it’s odd that they mock a decade they’re not old enough to remember. B

The Concept Diddy’s made-for-TV girl group shares more than its initials with the box office smash of the summer: Here they go Dark Knight lite with Gotham City-esque exteriors, comic-book-style captions, and double identities. The Execution Giddily camp-tastic. For the next single, can we get a shot-for-shot Barbarella remake? B+