TV's funniest lines from Aug 15 to 21

By EW Staff
Updated August 15, 2008 at 04:00 AM EDT

”Oh, dude, I’d be prepared. I’m not sure that you can re-create that magic combination of alcohol and poor judgment on her part.”
—Brendan (Reid Scott), pointing out to Mike (Jamie Kaler) how unlikely he is to hook up with a woman twice, on My Boys

”If it’s a picking-your-nose competition, I’m sure he’ll do fantastic.”
—April, on Jerry’s prospects in the upcoming veto competition, on Big Brother 10

”No, it’s just my people are Nordic.”
—Betty Draper (January Jones), after being told she looked profoundly sad, on Mad Men

”I don’t know what the excitement is about. Brett Favre is — he’s overpaid, he’s past his prime, he’s…oh, no, wait, that’s me.”
—David Letterman on Late Show

”I saw Cher do it to Nicolas Cage in Moonstruck. Thought it might work on you.”
—LaVonda (Ann Walker), explaining why she slapped a hysterical Noleta (Caroline Rhea), on Sordid Lives: The Series

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