Well, PopWatchers, the D-List train has finally reached the depot, and boy, it’s been a crazy ride this season, no? From Down Under hijinks with Lance Bass to the Kathy Griffin Leadership Academy to Segway polo with billionaire Apple geniuses, it seems Kath and Team Griffin have seen and done almost everything. All the more reason for Ms. Griffin to give a little something back, which she did in this funny and poignant season finale.

Kathy and Co. headed to Washington, D.C. to visit the recuperating soldiers at the Walter Reed Army Medical Center. Kathy was noticeably moved as she met with the patients, and for good reason. No matter what you think about the war, it’s hard to ignore the sacrifices these young (and I mean young, some were only 18) kids have made for our country. Many of them were missing one or more limbs. When Kathy finally choked up at the end, I did too. But in normal Kathy fashion, the feisty lady added her own brand of levity to the occasion.

One of her first stops was Fisher House, where rehabilitating soldiers and their families live. Kath was treated to a MTV Cribs-style tour of one of the rooms courtesy of soldier wife Susan. Noticing that Susan leaves cute little notes for her hubby on the bathroom mirror, Kathy penned her own heartfelt missive for the vet: “You can just suck it.” (Which became even funnier when she actually met him in the rehab center a little bit later.)

My favorite part of the episode though was her interaction with “F— me I’m Irish” Nick (pictured). That kid was a complete hoot. When he decided to go to Kathy’s comedy show just so Kath would hit on him because “I need a little lovin’,” my heart melted just a bit.

Speaking of the comedy show, poor Kathy was anxious all day aboutit, because as she pointed out, straight men are not really herdemographic. So she scoured the campus for women and gays (with thetongue-in-cheek promise of not asking or telling) to invite to theshow. Ms. Griffin was right to be a wee nervous. Not only were there fourchaplains in the audience but a few ankle biters as well. No suck itJesus jokes tonight! And if that weren’t bad enough, her usualrepertoire of Britney jokes were bombing, miserably. It looked asthough Kathy was about to go AWOL when out of nowhere her white knightcame rolling in on his silver steed of a wheelchair. Kathy refocusedher act on Nick and all of the dark and twisty insider rehab jokes(Coors from a prosthetic leg? Hilarious!). In the end, Kathy was, ofcourse, a huge hit. And so was her Emmy, which she brought along forphoto ops.

As Kathy and Team Griffin got ready to depart the Center, CasanovaNick adoringly bid farewell: “I’m going to miss those breasts.” Andreally, won’t we all?

So Popwatchers, what was your favorite moment this season? Are youalready itching for season 5? What would you like to see Kathy and TeamGriffin do next season? Sky dive with Chance and Pom Pom? Take Maggieto a burlesque show? Please spill.

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