Check out letters from those who agreed with us, and those who didn't on ''The Hills,'' ''American Teen,'' and reality TV

Feedback from our readers

Unsinkable Ship
I agree that Titanic‘s box office records won’t be broken by The Dark Knight (The Final Cut). How can anyone compare fantasy films like Knight and The Return of the King with Titanic, a heart-gripping, fact-based story with Romeo-and-Juliet flair?
Robert Hayes
Budd Lake, N.J.

Teenage Drama
”Lights! Camera! High School!” left me wondering: Why would American Teen‘s subjects be required to promote the documentary? I thought it was the filmmakers’ duty to speak with the press. And why was the film prescreened more than 300 times?
Scott Greene

Writer Nicole Sperling responds: In an age of Internet interaction between celebs and fans, the strategy was to give audiences what they want: direct contact with the film’s subjects. And it screened hundreds of times to build buzz prerelease.

Summer’s Slim Pickin’s
I can’t believe Paramount’s Rob Moore thinks summer movies overperformed because they’re good (News & Notes). Yes, audiences do look to movies for escape, but I haven’t gotten relief from any of the big films.
Penny Bogard McDaniel

Hall of Shame
As a reality TV casting director, I’m disappointed you portrayed reality programming in such a negative light (”What Were They Thinking?”). Reality stars need to stop blaming producers for making them look bad. Also, contestants are wrong in saying they didn’t know what they were getting themselves into. They go through interviews and sign many documents to make sure they’re comfortable participating.
Jonathan Tanzman
Los Angeles

Editor Dalton Ross responds: Even (or perhaps especially) as a casting director, you must ask yourself why people would agree to be on shows like Temptation Island and Flavor of Love, where they are pretty much guaranteed to look like cretins. The article actually put the onus squarely on the contestants rather than the producers. The headline says it all: ”What Were They Thinking?”

Are you over The Hills — or obsessed with it? Admirers and detractors of MTV’s queen bee Lauren Conrad spoke up.

Loved It
I used to dislike that ditzy, way-too-sunny Lauren Conrad smile. But after more than two years of checking out the gossip rags, I finally confessed to a co-worker that I was beginning to have a thing for the Hills star. Imagine my surprise when I later opened my mailbox to find her on your cover. From there, I was hooked.
Joe Shearer, Medina, Ohio

Loathed It
I have a rule: If I come across any article about The Hills, I quickly avert my eyes. These people are not talented in any way, and I don’t want to encourage the warped mutation of ”celebrity” they represent and so desperately crave. I would get more enjoyment out of a blank piece of paper than your Lauren Conrad story.
Chris Keech, Chicago

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