Having been unanimously evicted last night, Libra Thompson is the first tenant of the Big Brother jury house! Since her job now is to figure who should win the $500,000, we can’t ask her about things she hasn’t seen or heard while playing the game — like who Renny, the new head of household, will put up for nomination on Sunday, or whether April is better looking than Keesha (seriously, like there’s even a question). But we can ask her about going to Hawaii, her thoughts about Jerry, and whether April was right to think she sucks at veto competitions.

POPWATCH: First, a question that I believe is on the mind of every woman who watches this show: Why does it seem like you and the other gals have endless supplies of clothing, and yet we only see you walk out with a relatively small gym bag?

LIBRA THOMPSON: I brought an enormous suitcase, over 100 pounds in weight. It was worth it for sure. You definitely need to have outfits to look as fresh as you can if you’re going to be in the house for three months. We also did a lot of mixing and matching.

Almost immediately, Julie hit you with the question about leaving your small children to play the game. How much was this an issue in the house? Did your fellow players talk about it?

My fellow players respected my decision. No one threw that in my face. They wouldn’t have the nerve. Most understood that at the end of the day, I could win $500,000 for my kids.

Let’s go back to that fateful veto competition when you took the Hawaiian trip away from Michelle. Did you give the letters a thought?

addCredit(“Libra Thompson; Sonja Flemming”)

This is the most ridiculous thing to me, people asking me why I didn’tget the letter from home. You play the game with the idea that you’regoing to eventually win HOH, and one of the perks of being HOH isgetting a letter from home. In that moment I was thinking not only canI [eventually] win HOH, I can also get a trip to Hawaii!

Michelle was so angry.

She did not handle it well at all. She threw a tantrum and criedhalfway through the night. I can honestly say that if the shoe was onthe other foot, she would have taken the trip.

At the feast, you made a sarcastic comment about Keesha wanting to wearsome of April’s new clothes. It got back to Keesha, who immediatelygave you crap.

Honestly, what I really meant to say was that she was kissing April’sass. If you’ve seen the show, you’ve seen Keesha in one room, sharingher true feelings about April, but when we’re all together, she’s like,’I never had any problem with you!’ Blah blah, I’m calling bulls— onthat! I was over it at the feast. I started thinking, “April is yourfriend today, Keesha, but tomorrow, she’ll be a b—-, just like you’realways calling her.”

You and April ultimately seemed like a bad combo. Why did you align with her?

It’s one of those things that you tend to think that, for the moment,it’s going to work but it’s not going to be for the duration.

April didn’t think you could be counted on to win veto comps.

That made me mad, and then I won, so…kiss my a–!

Jessie told everyone that a banner flown over the house said something about how you couldn’t be trusted. Did you believe him?

Ijust want to say, I was little bit proud to have a banner. Who hasbanners? At least people know my name. My thought was “Oh, s—, thiswill mess me up from a strategic standpoint.” Now banners are going upwith my name attached! I think everyone took it with a grain of salt,though it gave them something to wonder about. I honestly don’t knowwhat the banner said, though April had her suspicions. She said what ifit said Keesha was a liar? (Editor’s note: A CBS insider said the banner had nothing to do with the game.)

What are your thoughts about Jerry?

Jerryis a dirty old man. There are things he did in that house that you guysneed to see on YouTube. He’s not gingerly [sic] or grandfather-y. Heloves the women, and he loves to keep himself in the mix as much as Ido, but Jerry stands behind the honor of being a Marine, the wholetruth and loyal thing, while at same time throwing as much dirt andlies around as everybody else.

Did you think he was going to exercise the veto this week?

Ithought, honestly Jerry, you are killing me. Calling Dan a Judas? Ithought it was a bit much. And if he was going to use it, I thought hewas going to save Keesha.

Who do you think is going make it to the final two?

Honestly,this game is a toss-up. Typically in other seasons the stronger playersthrow out weaker ones in the beginning, but it has flip-flopped thistime. I have no idea.

Who is your favorite BB player of all time?

Everyoneloves Janelle, while I like Will. He’s the puppet master, whileapparently I am the puppet mistress. I’m going to take that with honor!