Want to know how Saturday Night Live‘s Bill Hader, Seth Meyers, and Jason Sudeikis have been spending their summer? Waiting in line for an imaginary sci-fi movie sequel at a Brooklyn cinema, that’s how. That’s the plot of The Line, a seven-minisode online series directed by Meyers, co-written by Hader and SNL scribe Simon Rich, and featuring Hader and Sudeikis (and several comic actors you’ll recognize from smaller roles on shows like 30 Rock). The show (which you can learn more about here) is a lot like waiting in a real fanboy movie line (or, for that matter, a typical SNL sketch): moments of hilarity, long stretches of monotony, and an ending only dimly in sight. Best of the seven installments is episode 2, below.

You can watch the whole series at Crackle; let us know if The Line makes the wait until the October season premiere of Saturday Night Live more bearable, or if it fails to tide you over.

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