Did any of you happen to care see that the cover of Lynne Spears’ memoir was “revealed” on Monday (the book is due out Sept. 16)? The title — Through The Storm: A Real Story of Fame and Family in a Tabloid World — suggests that the Spears matriarch is divulging just about everything that has gone on in her life since Brit Brit first stepped onto the Mickey Mouse Club stage.

But I just find that hard to believe, which is only furthering my intrigue with this so called tell-all. I mean, is she really going to tell us what she thought when Britney shaved her head? Or when Jamie Lynn announced she was preggers? What about when she first met K. Fed? Or if she ever knew about Britney being put on “suicide watch” by many of the gossip bloggers out there?

(Full disclosure: I’m in the middle of reading Tori Spelling’s book Stori Telling at the moment, so if you’re wondering where my desire for more scandal! more juice! and more truth! is coming from, now you know. And on that note: I recommend Donna Martin’s book to all; it’s great!)

What about you, Pop Watchers: Will you pick up Mama Spears’ book when it debuts next month? Or do you think it’s just another desperate attempt for publicity?

Hell to the No!
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