“Lucid Dreams,” the new teaser track from Franz Ferdinand, has been firmly stuck on repeat for me ever since those mischievous Scots dropped it on us unawares recently (h/t) — and it’s not even in my iTunes. I’ve been going back to their official site and clicking “play” to make the little turntable stream this tune over and over again for days. Give it a try yourself (below) and you’ll see why. Mostly, I just can’t get enough of that rough-tumbling guitar riff that anchors the song. Alex Kapranos is in fine form, too, even if I can’t quite figure out what’s going on with his geography-heavy lyrics. (Istanbul! Alexandria! Ithaca!) So catchy. Franz Ferdinand still haven’t penciled in a release date for their next album — but did anyone else just get a lot more excited for whenever it arrives?