You know what time it is? I think you do. That’s right, it’s time for another one of my thrilling, super-exclusive casting roundups! Let’s get to it….

• When ER hired Angela Bassett to join the cast this season as County General’s newest attending, little did we know that her husband came with the deal! The soon-to-expire NBC drama has tapped Bassett’s real-life spouse, Courtney B. Vance, to play her hubby on the show. The former Law & Order: CI ADA is on board for a multi-episode arc, and based on what I’m hearing, it’s a safe bet that the couple’s actual marriage is a lot healthier than their pretend one.

• Emmy-winning suds vet Heather Tom, who’s currently giving her tear ducts a workout on The Bold and the Beautiful, will be moonlighting on Ugly Betty this fall. She’ll play a State Department liaison to Daniel’s long-lost son in at least three episodes. I’m going to venture a guess that Daniel Sr. will want to, ahem, liaise with her as well.

My Own Worst Enemy is undergoing a minor face-lift. NBC execs have opted to recast the role of Christian Slater’s wife. That means Yara Martinez is out and some new, yet-to-be-announced actress is in. THIS JUST IN: Slater’s new wife is Twin Peaks‘ Madchen Amick!

• Talk about a dilemma: One of my favorite young actors, Aliens in America’s Adhir Kalyan, is joining the cast of one of my least favorite comedies, CBS’ Rules of Engagement.

He’ll be appearing in the recurring role of David Spade’s new

assistant, Timmy. I can’t believe I’m saying this, but I may have to

give this show one more chance. God help me.

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