Yesterday, I received an email from my former cubemate Gilbert Cruz. (He’s now at Time, should any of you fans of his Heroes TV Watches miss him.) Included was a link to the video embedded below, with a note that said, “Watch this in its entirety. It’s incredible.” I did. It’s Tom Jones. And Gilbert is right. I wrote him back asking why he’d sent it to me. “I just thought you’d like it… I sorta watch it every two days or so… You just don’t see performers going completely buck wild like that anymore. It’s utterly absurd, but I can’t stop watching it.” (You’ll understand why at 1:16.)

How rare is it that someone sends you a link that you actually enjoy? Let’s do a Spot Inspection of your inbox and find out: What’s the last YouTube link you were sent (we won’t judge you, too much) and did you like it?