Hanson, Jonas Brothers
Credit: Hanson: Derek Santini/Camera Press/Retna

Who to elect President? What to eat for lunch? Who should win So You Think You Can Dance? Comparatively, fairly easy decisions to make. But boy bands? That's a debate for the ages.

To get you guys started, we compiled a list of the top 20, keeping in mind a range of essential boy band skills: dance moves and/or musical instrument usage, harmonizing abilities, overall shelf life (including reunions), swoon/squeal level and, of course, willingness to perform in shopping malls. It was stiff competition but here is the final list. It pains me to have to even compare the wee Jonas Brothers (pictured, top) to the magnificent Hansons (pictured, bottom). But PopWatchers, it's now time for you to make one of the most difficult decisions of your life: #1 boy band. Ever. Let us know who you vote for below.

addCredit("Hanson: Derek Santini/Camera Press/Retna")