Every Thursday night after work, I plop down on my sofa and set my DVR to play My Boys, the Jordana Spiro-starring show that’s one of the most underrated comedies on TV today. Between Jim Gaffigan’s hysterical brilliance as family man Andy, and Kyle Howard’s unabashed sweetness as nice guy Bobby, I find it impossible not to fall in love with My Boys, even though it’s on the same network that relentlessly and inexplicably forces The Bill Engvall Show upon me. (TBS, stop trying to make Bill Engvall happen! ‘Cuz it’s not gonna!)

But then, Lauren Conrad had to ruin it all for me. Rumors have been popping up on the web that The Hills star is currently romancing Howard (it’s not clear whether or not Howard will appear in the MTV show as a result). And, sure, while they have some things in common — Howard had a small role in Orange County, Conrad is from the O.C.; Howard is on a show that devoted an entire episode to a douchebag intervention, Conrad is on a show that’s devoted its entire run to douchebags — I can’t help but love My Boys a little less upon hearing such rumors. Plus, it’s an unwise move for Howard — My Boys needs all the viewers it can get, and if I’m dying a little inside every time I read about his late-night clubbing with Conrad, soon they’ll be none of me left to help boost the show’s ratings.

I’ll turn it over to you, PopWatchers: When has real life ruined your favorite TV shows/movies?

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