Anna Faris, The House Bunny
Credit: Melinda Sue Gordon

Emma Stone didn’t get much conventional schooling, but thanks to last year’s Superbad and this summer’s The House Bunny, she’s getting an education on screen. ”I left my freshman year to come out to Los Angeles, so I didn’t really experience high school,” says the Arizona native. ”I shot Superbad in what would have been my senior year, and instead I was making a movie about senior year. In [Bunny], I am supposed to be in college, and instead I’m making a movie about being in college.” Bunny concerns a Playboy Playmate (Anna Faris) who gets kicked out of the mansion, then ends up housemother of the sorority where Stone’s character is president. Think Legally Blonde with more cleavage. The 19-year-old Stone, who’s now shooting a comedy with Matthew McConaughey, has been in demand after her feisty turn as the sassy object of Jonah Hill’s affections in Superbad. Stone was one of the few women on that set, but Bunny was virtually all women. ”There was really no cattiness,” says Stone. ”I made some great friends on that set.” Wait — no cattiness at a sorority house? So much for realism. (August 22)

The House Bunny
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  • 97 minutes