My Best Friend's Girl

According to Dane Cook, his upcoming flick, My Best Friend’s Girl, is “an edgy comedy with a dash of romance,” and it’s the “best / funniest film” he’s done yet.

His only real complaint? The movie’s poster, which the comedian has taken to task on his own blog. A few of the (very true and very funny) points he makes:

Graphics: “Whoever Photoshopped our poster must have done so at Taser point with three minutes to fulfill their hostage takers’ deranged obligations…. This is so glossy it makes EntertainmentWeekly look wooden.” (We always appreciate a shout-out, Cook, so thank you!)

Lips: “It looks like I’m wearing Maybelline Water Shine Diamonds LiquidLipstick. My character’s name is now Winter Solstice and I’m a hookerwith a heart of gold.”

The set: “Pick one. This entire film takes place:

A. on Gattaca
B. at the Fortress of Solitude
C. inside a crystal wind chime”

Uh, I think you left one off, Dane: how about the way your right eyebrow is perched high enough to insinuate that you had maybe — just maybe — peed in your pants only moments before the picture was snapped?

PopWatchers, what do you think of the poster? And has a terrible poster ever made you not want to see a film?