Looking forward to October’s How To Lose Friends and Alienate People, the satire of the glossy celebrity journalism world based on Toby Young’s memoir? No? Well, MGM is hoping to convince you with this faux trailer for the film within the film. In Alienate, Sophie Maes (played by Transformers‘ Megan Fox, pictured) is a rising starlet who lands the lead role in Teresa: The Making of a Saint, a Mother Teresa biopic. Watch the clip here, and perhaps you’ll agree with me that, despite the clever idea of casting a young hottie like Fox/Maes as the Calcutta nun, the execution isn’t what it should be. This could have been a lot funnier, but the ersatz trailer is too timid, as if the filmmakers chickened out (like actual Hollywood filmmakers might, in trying to make an honest but reverent movie about a beloved religious figure), forgetting that they don’t have to worry about offending people as long as it’s clear that what they’re really making fun of isn’t religion but crass showbiz tastelessness. (Then again, the voiceover says the film is “rated NC-17”; what on earth could be in a Mother Teresa bio to earn that scarlet letter?) Still, I did like this line from the fake synopsis at the imaginary movie’s website: “Brought to life by Sophie Maes (Before There Was One, The Large Bag), this cinematic masterpiece will reveal an unbelievable story of the woman behind the nun.” Not sure if I’d really want to sit through the Teresa movie, but I’d sure like to see The Large Bag.