Credit: Darren Michaels

A lot of things came to mind after seeing Pineapple Express. And (spoiler-alert lite) I will share a few of them here (and this, as I’ve learned from my court-appointed “therapist,” is what he means by “good share”):

1) James Franco is friggin’ hi-LAR-ious. I mean, I’d seen his Funny or Die “acting lessons” so I knew the dude had a sense of humor, but I was completely unprepared for his absolutely stonerificness. Not since Brad Pitt’s Floyd in True Romance have I been so transfixed.

2) It might’ve been 20 percent more effective if I wasn’t “in my right mind.” Pineapple Express feels like it was designed to be watched while stoned; it starts as a perfectly legitimate, grounded-in-reality flick about a dude who just happens to witness a murder and goes on the lam while trying to clear his name—but it climaxes in a crazy action sequence with fireballs and shootouts and martial arts duels and some of the ol’ ultraviolence. Plus, breakfast. All of which would make complete sense if you’re baked…not so much if you’re sober.

3) Craig Robinson should be a mothereffin’ star. As an a-little-too-sensitive drug thug, Robinson (pictured, far left) steals every scene he’s in—or makes a hell of a try for it. He kills with softness on The Office. And, take my word for it, he’s stronger than leather in October’s Zack and Miri Make a Porno. Why is this dude not top-lining his own movies? Why is he not using a supporting role in a Judd Apatow production—much like Seth Rogen did in The 40-Year Old Virgin—to launch into Hollywood’s upper atmo? I’m sure it’s not because he doesn’t want to. I guess Robinson and fellow Apatow posse–veteran Romany Malco (and what do they have in common, I wonder?) will have something to talk about next time they bump into each other.

What did you think of Robinson’s Pineapple turn? Any other thoughts on this weekend’s No. 2 movie? Then by all means, share ’em!

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