We chat with the Alabama native about his favorite routine (Nigel!), his future plans (acting!), and his rivalry (friendly!) with winner Joshua
So You Think You Can Dance

ENTERTAINMENT WEEKLY: So, what have you guys been up to today?
STEPHEN ”TWITCH” BOSS: We worked on a little photo shoot for the tour, which kicks off September 20!

Oh, I know. I’ll be seeing you in Long Island don’t worry.
I have family there, it’s going to be a great show.

Do you know any details about the tour? Any idea what songs you’re doing yet?
Well, no, not yet. We still have to rehearse and get all of the promo stuff together first.

Ooo! So we’ll be able to buy tour T-shirts and key chains that say ”IV Real” on them?
That is something we’ve discussed! We’ll see.

Will you have any say in what songs you dance to on tour?
Yeah, well, on the show we actually have to wait for clearance from the artists to use their music. The good thing about the tour is that we can dance to whatever we want.

When you do your solos on the show do you choreograph them yourselves?
Yes, well, some do. As a matter of fact, I think all of the people in the studio help us out with our solos.

And you pick the music for your solos?
Yes, we pick the music for the solos and, you know, they put the little ”so you think you can dance” thing on the end of it.

Oh, yeah. Well, out of everyone in all four seasons, you’ve been the best at incorporating the ”dance, dance, dance” part into your solo.
[Laughs] Thank you!

It’s true! It’s always been the awkward part of the dance, but you figured out how to work it.
Thank you so much! Yeah, it’s pretty rough…

Now, before the show, how much training did you have? Did you take some crazy classes in the year between this season and last? [Twitch danced in season 3 but didn’t make it to the finals.]
I actually went to college for dance and did a cumulative two years of training. Just bulking up while I was in college. I just did the basics, you know, ballet, basic jazz. A little ballroom, that kind of thing.

So, after making it and getting to try all of the different dance styles on stage, what ended up being your favorite routine?
That’s a tough one…. I think the top 20 performance where we kidnapped Nigel. That was great.

Yes! And a great song [”Cobrastyle” by Robyn]. I don’t want to hurt anyone’s feelings, but you ended up working with a lot of partners — who was your favorite?
You know, each partner was great, but I guess Kherington.

Aw, do you think you’ll keep in touch after the show?
Oh, absolutely!

When you start on the audition circuit, do you see yourself trying out for mainly hip-hop?
Well, I’d like to get into teaching, and try my hand at acting actually.

Oh, really?
Yeah, I’ll try to act if I can and see what happens from there. I’ll see if I can branch off a bit.

Well, to be on So You Think You Can Dance you have to have the TV personality as well as the dance talent. Do you think you’re going to miss the spotlight and the cameras?
Well, yeah, but you can’t do that forever. I’ll definitely miss it, but I think this show is a once in a lifetime kind of thing, you know?

Of course, and I bet it was amazing working and learning from those judges and choreographers. Who gave you the best advice?
Mia Michaels.

Do you hope to work with her in the future?
Absolutely. Absolutely. She’s inspiring as a dancer, just as a person. Everything.

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ENTERTAINMENT WEEKLY: If you could work with any artists or go on tour with someone, who would it be?
STEPHEN ”TWITCH” BOSS: I’d like to dance with Chris Brown and Usher.

What about those weekly costumes. If you could take anything from wardrobe this entire season — like your Hammer pants from the Russian dance — what would you keep?
[Laughs] You know what? I think I would keep all the shoes from all the opening pieces. We couldn’t keep them.

So not, like, the matador outfit?
Well, of course, that!

I asked Joshua, and he said there was no personal bet going on between you guys, and you don’t have to, say, do his laundry now or anything.
[Laughs] No, no, no, no! It wasn’t anything like that. No, just a friendly rivalry.

Well, so then I have to ask you: What’s cooler? Clear plastic glasses or braces?
Oh. Clear plastic glasses [laughs].

What are the living situations like at the house? I kind of always assume that you guys are in a Real World situation.
Right, right. Well, no, it’s not a house house. And the girls and the guys are separated.

There’s no mixing? No midnight rendezvous?
No, no midnight rendezvous, not at all.

I don’t think we really had any time for that [laughs].

Yeah, you guys were probably too tired. So we were recently reminded that you were going off to the Navy before making it on this season. Is there any chance that you’ll be shipping out again?
No! Hopefully this show will be a springboard to jump starting a career.

Could you see yourself hosting a show? I think you’d be good at that — although no one can take Cat Deeley’s job.
Well, I mean, I’m trying to keep all of my options open. I’ll see what else is out there.

You’ll need to tell us a little bit about your relationship with Cat, who you literally shared some spit with on stage.
Oh, yeah, Cat Deeley and I are gangster buddies.

Did you see that one coming?
I definitely didn’t.

That wasn’t in the dress rehearsal?
No, I didn’t see that one coming at all.

What do you think you’ll take most from the show and everyone involved with it?
Well, definitely everything I’ve learned and all of the connections I made. All 20 of us. After the tour and all that stuff, a lot of people are moving out here [to L.A.]. We’ll try to make this a real thing. Make it last, you know?

Yeah! I think I smell a reality TV show coming out of this…
Ha, ha!

MTV might be calling you next, saying ”10 dancers, living in a house!…”
[Laughs] Awesome.

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