The style of 'Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants' -- The big screen makeovers of America Ferrera, Blake Lively, Amber Tamblyn, and Alexis Bledel

By Tanner Stransky
August 08, 2008 at 04:00 AM EDT

So the jeans are magic, but it took mortal powers to make over four TV characters for the multiplex in The Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants 2.

America Ferrera
Ugly Betty to Sisterhood 2
A Brand-New Mode
Winning the award for most dramatic transformation, Ferrera goes from frump to femme. First stop: nixing Betty’s strawberry spectacles.
Making Waves
Here’s a follicular feat: Betty’s thick bangs and fur-rowed brow get tamed in favor of Carmen’s gentle layers and soft curls.
Bling Be Gone
Losing the mouth jewelry was a given, but forgoing the rest of the Betty pile-on (headband, belt, and loud bag?) streamlines Carmen’s look.
Clash and Match
They’re working the same cinched silhouette, but skipping the bold patterns and lowering the Urkel waistline take this from geek to chic.

Alexis Bledel
Gilmore Girls to Sisterhood 2
The Gilmore Girl doesn’t fall far from the Sisterhood tree, as Rory Gilmore’s swish Stars Hollow look gets tailored and tucked for RISD student Lena. (Bonus points to Lena for the killer coif.)

Blake Lively
Gossip Girl to Sisterhood 2
Though Gossip Girl premiered after the first Sisterhood, Lively clearly didn’t bring Serena’s designer duds along for the sequel. But the girl can’t help herself — as sporty Bridget, she makes even athletic gear look glam.

Amber Tamblyn
Joan of Arcadia to Sisterhood 2
Was Joan of Arcadia touched by a fashion angel? The hoodies and high school layers Tamblyn wore on the CBS show give way to a carousel of inspired New York City ensembles for budding filmmaker Tibby.

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