Aww, man. I didn’t want to believe it when I read yesterday afternoon that M.I.A.’s “Paper Planes” might not appear in Pineapple Express. I mean, it’s a truly awesome song, and it worked so well in the movie trailers. But alas, I hopped aboard the Express at a late screening last night, and the tune that helped spark up that oh-so-necessary trailer buzz was indeed nowhere to be heard. This is tragic, if not quite as bad as this spring’s unspeakably wrong Ghostface/Iron Man incident. Anyway, you should all go see Pineapple Express, because it is a pretty hilarious movie. But be warned, fans of genre-defying Sri Lankan/English pop: You might be in for a little disappointment in that department.

Any other moviegoers missing “Paper Planes”? For old times’ sake, here’s the trailer that started it all (skip to 1:13 for the M.I.A. goodness)…