Credit: Paul Miller/AP

The Olympics have officially opened in Beijing, and though we will have to wait until midnight ET tonight — after NBC’s four-and-a-half hour broadcast — to name our favorite moments from the opening ceremony, I’m prepared to say the “illuminated dancers” make the cut.

Sports, some say, is the ultimate reality TV, so naturally PopWatch will be watching. Our coverage plans: Olympic Stud of the Day, a daily tribute to the man or woman who, as Annie puts it, “flamed our torch” the night before. He or she can do this by winning gold, fighting the good fight, cracking us up, or looking hellahot. (We do not discriminate on the basis of talent. Hey, this is just like reality TV!). We’ll also have a best/worst moments of the opening ceremony item posted on Saturday morning. (Oh, will the mascots be as cute as we hope?)

Which athletes do you already have your eye on? (We’ll take note.) And will you miss U.S. swimmer Michael Phelps’ porn ‘stache? We’re assuming Phelps, pictured, will shave before he competes. Wouldn’t want that resistance to stand between him and those eight gold medals.

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