It was our hope to give you a revealing exit interview with Jessie Godderz, the latest evictee from the Big Brother 10 house (read a recap of last night’s show here), except we ran into a slight problem while transcribing his comments: most of them were unintelligible and made absolutely no sense! We tried to salvage what we could from the 22-year-old Huntington Beach, Calif., body builder, but please don’t blame us if you can’t entirely comprehend what he says about his workout regimen, his reasons for sleeping day and night, or why he stereotyped Jews via the BB webcam.

First things first: Please explain what a natural body builder is.
Even though I can still go into vitamin shops, there are still things inside those stores that I can’t take. The most potent I can take is creatine. I can’t take testosterone, I can’t take pro hormones. There is a list of banned drugs for this (type of body building competition. Ed note: Jessie goes on to name an obscure body building website where you can find these banned drugs but I began to coil up in a fetal position and was unable to write it all down). I take polygraph tests twice before a competition, a urinalysis right after I get off stage. That’s why I chose this organization (in which he participates). It was the most prestigious organization that I could find. That’s why I went into natural body building. I only use protein power, amino acids and food. They had the same protein in the house that I usually take.

We never actually saw you work out much in the broadcast. What did you do in the house to stay fit?
I go all out. I go big or I go home. It’s not how you put it, but what you put into it…after I did my legs I was sore for four or five days…the only time I was safe was when I was in HOH. The stress of someone putting you in the hospital, it’s out of your hands. It’s the best analogy I can give.

Um, I’m not quite sure what you just said. I just wanted to know if you worked out every day!
I didn’t work out every day. There’s no point to work out every day. I still have to rest.

So did you really lose six pounds in the course of two days?
Oh yeah, I lost 12 pounds. I went in there at 187 pounds and the last day I was at 175 pounds. I don’t eat in front of people I don’t feel comfortable for the same reason a couple of the girls were unable to go to the restroom. It’s stressful on your body. I have a pretty good head on my shoulders as far as I’m concerned. It wasn’t a mental thing. It was just stress on my body.

After the jump…Jessie talks about sleeping, going shirtless, and making controversial comments.

Did you sleep a lot?
I could sleep better during the day because I was taking naps. Because I was losing so much weight, I would try to eat and then go to sleep so I wouldn’t burn calories. That’s important in my life. That’s why I got (into it) with Renny. She woke me up. I can sleep next to Ollie who snores. We were sleeping in the same bed and it wasn’t a problem. I got woken up by Renny. Something has to be so tremendous, over the top, to wake me up. I slept all the time during week one, I slept in the HOH room. Everybody had to go in and wake me up. All of week three, I was sleeping. If anybody wants to point a finger that I was sleeping a lot, so be it. I have a fairly low percentage of body fat. I don’t drink coffee, I don’t add sugar to any food. I don’t have false energy if you will. Plus, everybody wants to get into fights. I’ll let them be piranhas and eat each other while I sleep.

Be honest: you really enjoyed having all those cameras on all your muscles 24/7 didn’t you?
I didn’t enjoy it as much as much everybody else did. I saw everybody going up to the mirrors to check themselves out, to pick at their faces, which just floored me.

If you had to guess, what percentage of time did you walk around the house with your shirt off?
I’d say it was the same amount of time Steven walked around naked or with his shirt off, or Dan, or or Ollie with their shirts off. It is a part of my life. I worked hard for my body. My mom says if you’ve got it, flaunt it, so that’s what I do.

How do you think you played the game?
I played the game perfectly in the sense of everybody in the house would have skated through this week. But I just feel as though the fans of Memphis, Keesha and Libra were working the phones. When you don’t have control over something, it scares you. Your fate is sealed with God. If America wanted to show Dan’s card that early, don’t be surprised if he’s off in week five.

Say again? Are you suggesting that America manipulated Memphis, Keesha and Libra into voting you out?
The point being that it’s more beneficial to Keesha’s family and friends, as well as Libra’s, to keep Memphis in the house as opposed to me. Everybody and their dog knows that they tried to hose me from the beginning. It was obvious for Dan to make that call. America put a huge bullseye on Dan’s back.

So I think you’re trying to tell me that if it wasn’t for Dan being America’s Player, he would have kept you in the house.
Because of his background, his religious beliefs and swearing on God, and giving the HOH his word (he would have kept Jessie in the house). He gave his word to a lot of people.

In retrospect, do you think it was a bad idea to report to April what Libra and Keesha were talking about in their bedroom?
Because it was true, I don’t see how it was bad on my behalf to reiterate what happened. If someone is screaming at the top of their lungs and they’re gonna wake me up, I’m gonna listen. It worked out in my favor. America saw they were saying it. I handled it pretty well when Libra was yelling in my face, telling me that I’m immature when she’s like 47, 48 — something like that (Ed note: she’s only 31). She rants and raves, which doesn’t come off kilter.

(A CBS publicist interrupts the conversation to say we have to wrap it up).

Sometimes you seemed to have difficulty choosing your words – especially when it came time for you to deliver a speech. How do you feel about speaking in front of large groups of people – in this case, about six million-plus viewers? Does it make you uncomfortable?
It doesn’t. I don’t know if you saw that I hosted a POV competition and I thought I carried myself pretty well. I’m decently well-spoken when asked questions in the diary room. I gave analogies and similes that they haven’t heard in 10 seasons of Big Brother. That’s good for being only 22. Given all these accusations that were pointed in my direction, I think I’ve gone above and beyond the call of duty.

The webcam caught you giving a rambling lecture on how Los Angeles changes people who come here seeking fame, which culminated into a point that gay men and Jews run Hollywood and the banks. The comments quickly went up on you-tube. What were you trying to say?
Obviously the most successful people … I don’t know in the sense what I said … but if you ask anybody who is successful … it’s because they are savvy, they know what direction to go in, they don’t have obstacles to face like everybody else does. They’re so caught up in their goals, they don’t let anything else get in their path. That why they are so successful. Obviously that’s what I meant. I work for them, I see them, I talk to them about it. My manager is Jewish, he is successful.