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TGIF, PopWatchers, And not just because you’ve got two glorious days ahead of you to (hopefully) use however you please, but because it’s time for another edition of Enter the Fray! Let’s take a look back at PopWatch’s most-commented-on items over the past week. If you missed ’em the first time, it’s not too late to jump in and start scrapping!

1. Whitney Pastorek wants you to know the truth about The X-Files sequel… and it might surprise you.
2. Slezak, meanwhile, weighs in on the new David Archuleta single, and again, the result is unexpected (to put it mildly)!
3. Acne, surf boards, and Jonas Brothers? I smell a Teen Choice Awards recap!
4. Speaking of the Jonas Brothers? Did I mention I met them this week?
5. America’s Got Talent play-by-plays are a big draw. Could it have something to do with Kaitlyn Maher’s ridiculadorableness?
6. As of last week, I had no idea who Melissa Lawson was. (Now who says PopWatch can’t teach you things?)
7. Bow-chicka-wow-wowwwww! The music that makes you feel, well, y’know, frisky.
8. Annie Barrett celebrates the release of Pineapple Express by revealing her favorite stoner-movie moment.
9. Nigel Lythgoe runs screaming for the exit.
10. Hillary who? Paris Hilton, like, totally deserves to be the first female president!

There it is, PopWatchers: The top 10 discussion starters of all time from our humble blog. Now spend the next several hours commenting on our message boards go outside and enjoy the weekend already!

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