The Parents Television Council is in one of its trademark tizzies and have issued this bulletin from the Department of the Obvious: Network TV likes sex, not marriage. After analyzing four weeks of the major network shows at the start of the 2007-8 season, they’ve found that references to unmarried sex outnumber references to married sex, 2 to 1. I would say “duh,” but I’m feeling very 1992 right now, so I’ll go with “doi.” What do they expect — regular sex-life updates from married characters, along the lines of “We were both just really tired” or “Jim’s still having chafing issues after refusing to detach his ass from that stupid jet ski all weekend”? I have a half-baked theory that the reason there’s more unmarried TV sex than married TV sex is that there are simply more unmarried characters than married characters. (One more “doi,” with feeling!) Not to mention, isn’t there plenty of married TV sex as it is? Allison and her hubby do it on Medium all the time, to the point where it’s given our dearly wedded Slezak a complex. (One of many.) Plus, anyone with an insatiable craving for married TV sex can watch one of 28 daily reruns of Roseanne. She and Dan were always rollin’ around in bed and giggling. It was pretty adorable, actually. Awww. Maybe I should join the PTC.

What do you think — would you rather see more married sex on TV? And if the PTC “accidentally” received Tell Me You Love Me DVDs in the mail, do you think they’d change their minds?


Strange Bedfellows
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